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  1. Hi Marius
    I read your thread on the fstoppers piece about the comparison between the Nikon D3 and D4. It is so good to see someone being very open and NOT biased. Here is my problem. After moving from the Nikon D2x to Canon (very dark images compared to a colleagues D2x and Nikon saying ‘within the parameters) I couldn’t be comfortable not trusting the camera for the next wedding season (yes 90% of my work is weddings). Moving to the Canon EOS 1D Mk3 (yes it had it problems) I am now looking to change for the last time. At 56 the right kit should see me through. Nikon D4 or Canon EOS 1DX is the big debate. My partner uses the D3 and recently I have used it a lot and find working from RAW in Bridge I do find it a lot easier and results better. So I had almost decided on the D4 until I read your bit. THANKS FOR THAT. So an unbiased opinion ? Yes it would mean changing lens, that I don’t mind as I am likely to upgrade to the Mk 2 lens of the Canon 24-70 and 70-200 anyway, so cost doesn’t necessarily come into it.
    Best Regards
    (A full-time professional photographer)

    • Hi Paul,
      Usually people invested in a system or the other stick with it cause the investment in the lens.
      However you’re in the position of choice right now, especially after owning some good cameras in both camps you can pretty have an idea about what’s what.
      I like honest battles myself and although I am a Nikon user, I can’t help but noticing Canon’s advantages when they are present.
      As I said, for wedding photography, from the current cameras line-up the 5d Mk3 seems to be the best choice simply because Nikon doesn’t have any true competitor in this regard. The D800 could be a worthy challenger but it’s aimed at a different customer target: studio shooters, advertising, product and landscape photography due to high pixel count. To also be completely honest, I haven’t shot any wedding with the 5D Mk3 and although everybody says the AF system is improved from the older Mk2, I can’t say I am truly convinced that it’s on a par with what Nikon offers and by Nikon I mean the D4 and the older D3/D3s and perhaps D700 lineup. The D800 is not considered to be a very accurate and precise camera when it comes to crucial AF performance. Now, as a general thing, Canon ALWAYS was worse than Nikon when it comes to AF accuracy. Again, I can’t speak for the 5D Mk3 as I have never used it ( only a few shots here and there ). All I know is that D700 and especially the D3(s)/D4 were pretty visibly ahead in the AF department of any correspondent Canon Camera. Also – as a side note ( probably not that important to some ) but I use a Samyang 85 1.4 manual focus lens that is absolutely incredible. I find it VERY easy to manual focus on the D3, as the viewfinder is big and bright and ALSO – I get SUPER PRECISE focus confirmation in the VF. Pretty much 90% of all shots are perfect sharp and I shoot it only in 1.4. That goes the same for the D700. When I tried to do the same thing with a 5D Mk2 and a Zeiss 85 1.4 – I think I had one shot sharp in 20 tries and probably that was pure luck. The Canon simply confirmed non-sense. The difference in how the 2 camera brands deal with manual focus lens is very obvious. Also the fact that with Nikon you can use almost ANY lens Nikon ever made – also probably not THAT important.

      Now – the 1Dx – I didnt get any chance of using it, but as far as I have read, I reckon it’s a solid camera on all stages. The thing is the D4 is not bad either. Just because I find the WB more difficult to work with compared to the D3, doesn’t make it a bad camera. The AF is only marginally faster than the D3 which is already lightning fast, the ISO is fabulous, like we’re already used from the D3(s) series, and better than the D3 ( and somewhat the same as the D3s ) from 3200 upwards ( not relevant for me as I never go beyond 2000 ). Now, considering you are in a situation where you will make lens purchases regardless of brand – you’re in a position to choose whatever. Also you say most of your work is wedding photography related. I really think either of them ( D1x or D4 ) are solid choices. However there are some things worth mentioning. The D4 is considerably cheaper ( almost $1000 ) than the 1Dx, also the lenses 24-70 and the 70-200 II are slightly cheaper on Nikon’s side and are pretty much just as good ( plus according to BH at least you also get free filters with them ). If you add everything up – going the Nikon way would get you a much better deal – not necessary financially speaking but you could also get a great prime lens with the difference, I recommend the Sigma 35 1.4 ( I find it to be the best lens I’ve worked with in a long time ) or there are other options depending on your focal needs. Even a Nikon 16-35 would be a great idea ( I shoot a lot with wide lens ).

      I would chose Nikon from the price considerations, but I have no doubt you would be happy if you take the Canon way as it seems that the new 24-70 is finally t and the 70-200 is alrhe lens everybody wantedeady a great lens in the Canon line-up.

  2. Thanks for that. I really felt by your honesty as a Nikon owner and criticising it you would give an honest and unbiased opinion. Once again thank you for that. I had almost decided on the D4 after using my partners D3 so much, however, it was your comments about the AWB and the 2 photo’s that stopped me in my tracks.
    Once again thank you and all the very best to you

  3. To be completely honest – I would look for a mint or close to mint condition D3 or D3s and hop on that. But that’s probably cause I am coming from a country where money coming out of photography is not that great so we have to somewhat “improvise” all sorts of solutions to keep your gear up to where we want it with minimum money. However – it’s pretty clear for me and I’m trying to be as un-subjective as possible here, the D3 and D3s are very very “actual” and stil hold their ground very very respectably – there isn’t ANY big difference between these pro cameras and the current line of pro-cameras coming from ANY brand. Except for the D800 or 5D Mk3 bringing in a ton of Mpx – which quite frankly – is not needed in wedding photography. ISO performance ( noise, colors ) and AF accuracy are crucial for me and that’s where these oldies but goldies shine. Now if you do HAVE the money and that’s not a problem, by all means go for the D4 or D1x. Since you already own some Canon lenses, go out and rent the 1Dx – shoot a wedding with it. Then rent the D4 with the same line-up and see what do you like best – I think it all comes down to preference especially since you already have a background with both brands. Drop me a line here when you decide, I’m curios 🙂
    Good luck.

    • Hi Marius

      I am fairly certain I shall be changing to the D4

      I did forward your thread to a contact at Nikon UK and attached is his reply

      Let me know your thoughts

      Best Regards


      Morning Paul, Thank for drawing this to my attention, obviously we cant comment on this without seeing the relevant Metadata for the image but there is no denying that his D4 image has quite a severe magenta cast on it. There are a number of settings that can cause this but since the guy sounds like he knows what hes doing I wouldnt be surprised if the camera had a fault with its metering cell but there is no reason to think of this as anything other than a very rare case. Certainly I wouldnt let it sway your decision to purchase one if you were thinking about it. Thanks though, I know this really isnt all that helpful but let me know if theres anything else I can do to help and I will be happy where I can. Kind Regards, Stewart Dunwell NPS Support Agent

      Nikon UK Ltd, 380 Richmond Road, Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey KT2 5PR

  4. I don’t know what to say – it’s just my opinion that the D4 is a bit more difficult to master when it comes to colors compared to the D3, you gotta fight more with the WB settings. The main issues ( for me at least ) occured when shooting in AWB mode in daylight situations. However, the D4 has a new option in the menu which I am not familiar with :WB Blue something ( I don’t have it with me right now ) – and when turning that thing off – colors seem to get closer to what I am used to from the D3 but still I find them a bit off. Maybe I am used to the D3 and what I am seeing from the D4 is not necessary wrong, just a bit different. Everything else on the D4 is just superb… so frankly I think the best thing to do is hit up a Nikon store and play with it. I would suggest to take it outside in daylight conditions ( that’s where this one acted up mostly ) and see what’s what. I would also suggest to bring a CF card and watch the shots carefully home cause the LCD on the D4 looks VERY HDR like – and to be honest, takes a while to get used to. Pretty much everything on the LCD looks INSANELY good 🙂 You will have a big impact going from the Canon’s LCDs to the D4’s. Although I’ve heard other people having issues with the D4 colors, it may be some settings thing and requires more playing around. It truly is a spectacular camera, a bit better in all aspects compared to the D3 ( small margins ), but as I said – I don’t feel like they evolved much – it’s probably difficult for Nikon to greatly improve an already impressive and superior camera that the D3/D3s used to be 🙂
    Kudos for Canon to finally catch up with the 1Dx ( although I never actually shot anything with one ).

    Go play with a D4 and let me know your opinions ( PS try shooting some people shots – those never lie ).

  5. Hi there, thanks for the reply again. I am making the 125 round trip to the nearest professional dealer tomorrow. Nikon at the moment are offering an extra 500GBP on top of the price given by certain dealers, so price is good (maybe the D4X is around the corner) Do you use flash when shooting weddings ? I was always taught using medium format (30 years ago) so that has stuck with me. Will this make a difference ? Once again many thanks for your comments. If you wanted to send the image across that appeared on the flickr link for me to forward to the guys at Nikon UK I would be more than happy to. Best Regards. Paul

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