Nikon D800(E) – OFFICIAL !

Inca o data, zvonurile se arata adevarate. Avem oficial Nikon D800(E) cu 36 MPX !!!

Pretul e aproape cat era D3s cand a iesit din productie. E clar ca D800 nu prea vine ca un upgrade direct la D700 care costa momentan aproape la jumate ( daca se mai gaseste ). D700 e pentru cei care trag low light, iar D800 e pentru cei care trag printuri mari, studio etc. As putea sa pun pariu ca urmeaza si lansarea unui D700s ( sau D800s sau whateva ) – care sa fie de fapt o camera semipro, mid-size si care sa poata trage in continuare low-light – probabil cu senzorul de pe D4 ( sau chiar D3s ) pentru ca altfel nu vad de ce Nikon ar fi renuntat la productia D700 ( chiar daca avea 4 ani ca model ). Bineinteles o sa urmeze si un D4x ( cu senzorul asta de 36 mpx ). E de asemenea CLAR ca senzorul asta mare va avea performante slabe la ISO mare ( e si normal ) – deci trebuie aparate pentru toti in functie de nevoi.

Acum cu noul senzor, e destul de evident ca si obiectivele vor trebui sa poata sa “duca” rezolutia si deci … nu prea mai e loc de compromisuri daca iti iei D800. Cel mai probabil D800 va fi cumparat de posesorii unui D300 sau chiar cei care au D3x.

Oricum deja cursa senzorilor a cam ajuns la un nivel la care sincer parca nu mai simti nevoia aia “pfoaaa frate iti dai seama cum trage ala ???” – care era in trecut.
Cei mai multi utilizatori de D700 nu cred ca vor renunta prea curand la ele pur si simplu pentru ca nu au nevoie de 36mpx daca pentru asta or sa renute la performantele low light.

Totusi pentru cei care au nevoie de o rezolutie mare ( peisagisti, cei care printeaza MARE, fotografii de moda, produs, studio etc ) – 36 mpx la 6000 $/Euro e afacerea secolului 🙂 Mai ales cu versiunile E/non E disponibile pentru D800 – e cam unu pentru fiecare.

Canon hai cu 5D Mk III :))


So once again the rumors were correct. We have a D800(E) with 36 mpx. Question now is … who will buy it? Would a previews owner of a D700 consider purchasing it? Hmm, to be honest I am not that convinced, as a typical D700 user would need good low light performance at an affordable price – that’s pretty much the main reason most of the D700 buyers made the purchase in the first place. If they needed the higher res, they would have either purchased the D3x in the past 4 years or even moved to Canon 5D Mk II. I am talking about the D700 people that actually TAKE PHOTOS and do so for a living. Not the spoiled rich folks that simply bought a D700 simply because they “READ” it’s a great camera and they could afford it.

So leaving those aside, in my opinion, the D800 doesn’t really come as a D700 replacement. Even the price is from another league as the D700. The d800 comes priced almost as high as the last batch of D3s and almost twice as high as the last batch of D700. However, $3000 for a 36 mpx sensor camera is easily considerable as a GREAT DEAL – but as I said, I don’t think the average D700 owner is not a D800 “wanter”. It’s very clear that high-iso performance will be quite low considering the current alternatives. Even the new D4 ( by the looks of the first samples ) doesn’t come with an earth-shattering improvement in this aspect over the D3/D3s, so it is pretty obvious the D800 will not do so well in this regard. You might say it has highest base iso set at 6400 ( same as D3/D700 ) but I am pretty sure that 100% wise, the differences will be quite obvious.

It may be a an upgrade for some D300 owners or others. It may even be an upgrade for the D3x users ( although I am pretty sure the D4x will show it’s face pretty soon ) – because of the impressive resolution. As a currently owner of a D3 camera, I know for a fact that I wouldn’t purchase a D800 simply because I don’t need the “new things” and I DO need the “old things” it lacks.

Not to mention that usually the D700 users would also need to upgrade most of their line of lenses for the D800 upgrade in order to give the new BIG BOY the credit it deserves.

I am willing to bet that a D700s ( or D800s or whatever ) is just around the corner as Nikon really needs a mid-sized, semi-professional low-light camera now that the D700 is gone.

All in all – as I said – 36mpx for a $3000 – jeez – the world has gone MAD. Bring it on Canon ! emoticon - smile


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